Season 9 | Episode 5

How Do You Go Slow (To Grow Fast)? +Rajat Bhargava




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“I think (messaging) is one of the most important things that startups can focus on, and it gets glossed over all the time. “It’s just messaging. It’s just positioning. It’s marketing, it’s sort of spin.” And I just think that’s wrong. It’s the core of how you’re going to communicate your business to potential customers. You need to activate them…the words you choose, or the graphics you show, or the demo, or whatever it is that you’re conveying—you have to figure out how you’ve tapped into a part of their brain that lights up, so you’re communicating your message in a way that resonates with them…It’s got to really make sense to them, and that is so hard to do. I think most companies fail at it, and that’s probably why a lot of them actually fail because they’ve sort of got a mismatch of what they’re trying to convey to how that customer wants to receive that information.”


-Rajat Bhargava, serial entrepreneur, JumpCloud CEO, and Co-Author of The Startup Playbook

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