Season 9 | Episode 2

How Do You Balance Purpose and Profit? +Alex Batdorf



About this Episode

“In 2017, Mondays started feeling like Mondays...As we were pursuing profit as a company, a lot of startups have this -- you scale and you grow and you have to pursue become more of a household name. However, we were becoming siloed as founders, and this is a conversation that’s very important for cofounders and founders in general need to have with their team, is ‘what is it that you want to be doing? What’s very important to you that you want to hold onto?’ We had those conversations early on, but I should have checked in with myself more as we were pursuing profit. So I kept running and running towards profit without an end in sight, and it felt very unfulfilling to me.”


-Alex Batdorf, Former Cofounder and CMO of Zipfit Denim and current Entrepreneur coach and public speaker.

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