Season 8 | Episode 8

How Do You Plan For Failure? +Tim Wales



About this Episode

“...We had every kind of client you could imagine. We had $20 million deals, but every time we would get on the brink of major success, something would impact us. (We had an embezzlement) but we didn’t let that embezzlement bring us down. We instead took it, and when we would sit in front of another investor or corporate partner, we would be honest with them. And it’s interesting because some people will not want to work with you--they think you’re irresponsible because you let it happen. They blame you. Are you kidding me? We’re just trying to innovate and drive business here. And when someone is a professional at hiding things, you should just be happy we found it within 4 or 5 months. And oh yeah, by the way Mr. Investor, we lost our house.”


Tim Wales, Cofounder & CEO of Kadima Ventures, joins us.

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