Season 8 | Episode 2

How Do You Navigate The Abyss? +Erik Severinghaus



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“Something in the order of 70-80% of companies fail, and they don’t fail because the entrepreneurs are weak, or because they just don’t give up--as the advice suggests. It’s actually a far more complicated phenomenon than that. But we reduce it into this idea that you just keep fighting through the abyss and you’ll get there. And so, this oftentimes ends in tragedy in a lot of ways for entrepreneurs...So what’s crazy is, we take people who, as a population are predisposed to these sorts of challenges. We then push them into some of the hardest and most lonely professional situations imaginable. We give them very little support. And ultimately our advice to them as a society is reduced to, ‘just keep fighting harder. And as long as you’re strong enough (i.e. as long as you’re not weak) you’ll make it and become successful.”

Erik Severinghaus, Chief Strategy Officer at Spring CM, Angel Investor, and serial entrepreneur, joins us.


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