Season 8 | Episode 12

How Do You Build Strong Teams? +Lisa Sohanpal



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During interviews, of course you’ll get some of those reactions and think ‘Oh I’ve found the right person!’, and then as time goes you learn a bit more about the people you bring into your team. And you find that it’s really challenging. And you don’t really know until you come across an issue or challenge you have to address as a team, and that’s where I find out a lot about my time. Their skills, their ambition, their passion, how they think, how are they going to get out of this situation, what is the next solution, their problem solving, and that’s where you really find the true strength of your team. And how well they can transpire those skill sets across different kinds of challenges, and as a startup there are never-ending challenges.

Lisa Sohanpal, Founder & CEO of Nom Noms World Food, joins us.


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