Season 8 | Episode 11

How Do You Transfer Leadership Skills? +Justin Walker



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"In the military you have this environment that allows transparency. It allows candor to just run rampant. And there’s a reason for that on so many different levels, it has to take place. For example, if I’m about to jump out of a plane, and I’ve got a guy in front of me who’s about to jump about of a plane, and your job is to check over their parachute and make sure it’s safe. Now if I tap that guy on the shoulder and I say, “Hey, your pack’s messed up”, and he looks over his shoulder and says, “F U man, I got this, I know what I’m doing,” that’s just not the case. But you see that a lot in the workplace where people are just not willing to listen to the people behind them saying ‘you messed up, you need to fix this’."

Justin Walker, Leadership & Team Building Consultant, joins us.


Kim Scott, Radical Candor:

Simon Sinek, Start With Why TED Talk:

Jennifer S Lerner, Emotions & Decision-making:


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