Season 8 | Episode 10

How Can You Be Investable? +Jeff Carter



About this Episode

“You can’t be an entrepreneur without resilience. You just can’t. Because you’re gonna get knocked down, and you have to get up, and you have to always get up. It’s kind of like ants. When I was little kid I used to like to mess with anthills. And you’d watch them re-dig that hill over and over again. And that’s what the entrepreneur has to do. If you look at wild animals…and you look at lions attacking hippos or whatever, the fight for life to survive is so strong that they will do anything to do it. Entrepreneurs have to be that way.”


Jeff Carter, Venture Capitalist & Cofounder of West Loop Ventures, joins us.


Find Jeff online:

Twitter @pointsnfigures and @westloopv


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