Season 7 | Episode 4

How Do You Pace Yourself? +Rico Sisney


About this Episode

“When I talk about police brutality I’m not talking about it from an observer standpoint. I’m talking about my own experience with a police officer’s hands on my neck, which is an experience I’ve had more than once, or having a taser pointed in my face more than once, or having handcuffs on me more than once...Let’s talk about it through my own personal experiences rather than as this broad concept.”

Rico Sisney, Rapper and member of Hip Hop/Jazz/Funk band Sidewalk Chalk joins us.

Find Rico and Sidewalk Chalk online at:

Twitter @aguynamedrico and @talktochalk

Instagram @sidewalkchalkmusic

Our Season 7 theme song is from Sidewalk Chalk, entitled "Long Time Coming", from their new album An Orchid Is Born. Download and listen on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play.