About this Episode

Whether it’s a political cause, social cause, big career move, or entrepreneurial endeavor, there’s a big difference between thinking about doing something, and actually doing something. This week, actor and activist Lancelot Newton joins us for a conversation about taking action on what’s important to you:

We explore:

+Using art to reflect everyday situations
+Applying pressure to a situation that speaks to you
+Creating a habit/routine of taking action
+Asking yourself what you have to offer the larger culture
+Judging yourself before you produce anything
+Finding YOUR way to execute, even if other people have already created in that field
+Providing action steps for others
+Not assuming that someone else will take care of it
+Taking control of YOUR situation
+Taking responsibility for what you do best
+Letting your art reflect your heart
+How your action can create a ripple effect
+Having an opinion, and taking ownership of that opinion
+Not letting lack of expertise prevent you from getting started
+Finding your medium
+Giving yourself the ability to create waste
+Sharing where you are in the journey
+Fighting confirmation bias

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