About this Episode

Having conviction and standing your ground is easy when things are going your way, but can be tough when things go awry. This week we chat with Shaan Puri, Cofounder of Blab, and discuss staying true to what you believe.

We explore:

+The backstory of Blaab and how it grew
+Identifying the real problem
+Putting constraints around the execution of your ideas
+Knowing the purpose behind your work
+The impact of “Generational Products”
+The fight against mediocrity
+Evaluating the
+Connor McGregor’s “Win or Learn” philosophy
+Fighting the sunk cost feeling
+AIM’s impact on our childhood’s
+Understanding the skill you’re building for life
+Asking yourself if you’re willing to look like an idiot until you look like a genius
+Knowing whose opinions to care about
+Having a set of habitual questions you ask yourself
+The improv of approach of making it happen now, instead of in the future
+Finding what 
+Becoming aware of your excuses

Find Shaan online at:
Twitter @ShaanVP

Shaan’s Medium article about shutting down Blaab-- shaanvp/blab-is-dead-long-live-blab-d2f72449ddb8#.ouylh4wh1">medium.com/@shaanvp/blab-is-de…2449ddb8#.ouylh4wh1


Paul Graham Essay-- Cities & Ambitions-- paulgraham.com/cities.html