About this Episode

Whether chasing a goal or simply trying to get things done, accountability can determine your success or lack thereof. This week, we sit down with Yvonne Lyngaas, founder and CEO of Monarch & Company, and discuss what goes into building accountability for yourself, and for others.

We explore:

+How awards provide motivation
+The unpopular approach to failure
+Understanding the mindsets contrary to your own
+Comparing yourself to others
+Accumulating knowledge versus getting good grades
+Being able to flip the switch between playful and serious with others
+The struggle to hold yourself accountable to you
+Writing down 3, 5, and 10 year goals
+Internalizing your goals
+Connecting to the deeper purpose of your work
+Controlling your environment by controlling yourself
+Taking ownership and responsibility over your actions
+Making yourself “the type of person” who does or doesn’t do something
+Doing what you say you do
+Having the lifestyle that supports your goals
+Figuring out the little things you don’t know you’re good at
+Finding your lane and sticking to it

Find Yvonne at:
By phone: 312-265-5840

Ryan Holiday: Ego Is The Enemy - amzn.com/B015NTIXWE 
Anders Ericson: Peak: Secrets From The New Science of Expertise - amzn.com/B011H56MKS


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