About this Episode

After doing something you enjoy for awhile, inevitably you think about turning it into a business, or another type of formalized venture. That's when the fun can be cannibalized by the workload and the "must-do's". In this episode, we sit down with Willpowered Inc.’s Colin Robertson about the balance between business and pleasure:

We explore:

+Understanding “feast and famine” in the content publishing space.

+Differentiating your passions from your paycheck.

+Creating steady streams of revenue in the content world.

+Building a passive income despite any new content.

+Separating “good money” from “bad money.”

+Seeking publicity is business, getting publicity is pleasure.

+How to make or break a sales funnel.

+Reconciling different mindsets between being sales focused and content focused.

+Redefining metrics of success.

+Finding pleasure in your business.

+Learning from experts and independent contractors.

+Understanding how content changes with mindset.

+Getting lost in strategies versus proactively implementing new ideas.

+Doing what makes you useful.

+Finding a meaningful audience.

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The Best Moments of Milhouse Van Houten- www.youtube.com/watch?v=GunaXxJifPA


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