About this Episode

We’re all creatures of habit. But what kind of creatures do those habits make us? In this episode, we sit down with Cracked.com’s Alex Schmidt and discuss what goes into improving on bad habits.

We explore:

+Tracking success metrics
+Fighting procrastination
+The benefits of limited resources
+Treating creative work as always on vacation, and never on vacation at the same time
+Working in industries and environments that force you to keep up
+Making yourself aware of your habits
+Creating triggers that enforce positive habits
+The downside of to-do lists
+Doing your most creative work when before you’ve hit decision fatigue
+Having a strong enough reason to make or break a habit
+Discerning between your “shoulds” and “wants”
+Not everything has to be made into a habit just because it exists
+Fighting past your ‘bleeding gums’ moment when starting or breaking habits
+Creating less rules to avoid restricting yourself
+The Chuck Jones Rules of Engagement
+Defining your Fight Club
+Determining the person you want to become
+Embracing where you are in your process
+Asking for help
+Admitting to yourself that you have room to improve

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Twitter @alexschmidty


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