About this Episode

Taking on a new phase of your career oftentimes involves redefining yourself. This week we sit down with someone who has made redefinition part of his DNA. Doctor turned consultant turned speaker turned aspiring actor and screenwriter Ravi Rao joins us to discuss the nuances of finding what’s next.

We explore:

+Ravi’s journey redefining himself 3 times
+Living up to other’s expectations
+How significantly emotional events shake up complacency
+Changing people’s perception of you
+The shift in creativity from childhood to adulthood
+Improv comedy’s direction to pull from your real life to create a new identity
+Finding your character’s motivation
+Paying attention to the positive interactions in your life
+The real meaning of passion
+Our tendency to look at what we lose if we make a change
+Selling yourself short
+How fear creates irrational decision-making
+Fighting through first impressions
+How we make decisions based on what we see around us
+Breaking cultural expectations
+How not being your authentic self makes you feel

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Twitter and Instagram @RaviActorWriter

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