About this Episode

The actions we take drive the mindsets we create, and the mindsets we create drive the actions we take. In the Season 5 premiere, we welcome back media personality and author Srinivas Rao to the show and discuss the nature of the relationship between mindset and behavior.

We explore:

+The negative stigma around therapy

+How patterns and routines help us navigate down periods

+Maintaining your health during transition periods

+Srini’s preparation for public speaking appearances

+Focusing your efforts, and getting into Deep Work

+”Repetitive like a mechanic, spontaneous like an artist”

+Does mindset drive behavior, or does behavior drive mindset?

+Environment’s role in our thoughts and actions

+Our tendency to be in environments that drain our energy

+Being in situations that foster the conversations you want to have

+Treating your work as your craft instead of your job

+Breaking through the culture of sameness

+Honing in on your craft

+Srini’s mindset shift in getting a publishing deal with Penguin

+The opportunity is not the permission slip

+“Success gives you the conditional opportunity to try again”

+The “Do, Have, Be” Conundrum

+Making money off of what you enjoy

+Shifting your expectations as you see results

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