About this Episode

In the ever-changing career landscape, company loyalty has started to vanish. Should it though? We talk with writer Stacey Gawronski about the importance of loyalty in your career.

We explore:

+Hard work doesn’t always equal long hours
+Understanding the vision of a company and how you fit into the vision
+Are you purposely ignoring the big picture?
+Having a Work Wife/Work Husband
+How much employers should communicate information to employees
+The paradox of liking and trusting someone
+What to do when you don’t like your boss
+Bridging communication gaps to improve relationships
+The new mantra that earning is the new saving
+Placing an emphasis on reliability
+Breaking down the tug of war of commitment between company and employer
+Chris Rock’s belief that you’re only as faithful as your options
+Money’s role in loyalty
+The realities of working at a startup
+Asking better questions
+If you truly enjoy what you do, you’re not thinking about vacation days
+The 70% Rule
+The best job perk is being interested in what you’re working on
+Our relationships with time and money
+Being loyal to yourself
+Taking back control of your work life
+Knowing WHO you want to be loyal to


Rajiv’s 70% Rule on Workplace Happiness Article-- under30ceo.com/finding-true-work…appiness-70-rule/

Find Stacey on The Muse--www.themuse.com/author/stacey-gawronski

on twitter @stacespeaks
And her dog @staceyone9er

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