About this Episode

Excuses are like buttholes, everyone has one, and they all stink.

In this episode, we sit down with musician Sam Trump about removing excuses from your life, and taking action.

We explore:

+Sam’s decision to leave his full-time job as a music teacher to become a full-time touring musician
+Finding your way around certificates and degrees
+Your ability to make good decisions is easier when you’re already in a positive place
+You make time for what you really want to do
+Finding ways to fit anything into your schedule
+Having a gratitude practice
+Not everything has to change when you change directions
+Keeping multiple wheels spinning at all times
+Viewing your work and creative hobbies as a Solar System model
+Everybody’s reality is completely different
+The Action/Reaction model of impact and influence
+The difference between what someone thinks about you, and what someone feels about you
+Using insecurities as a way to justify taking action or not taking action
+When you decide to take action, you’ll receive unexpected rewards
+Admitting that you dont know it all
+Embracing uncertainty
+Peeling apart “Loving to win” or “Hating to lose”
+How to have peak performance alongside others
+The nature of our duality
+Why it’s not hard to make friends as an adult
+Dealing with the questions and issues you normally avoid
+Raj’s text-message erasing practice
+Understanding your focus areas


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James Franco Rolling Stone Article--www.rollingstone.com/movies/feature…ights-20160323

Find Sam Trump and his music at www.samtrumponline.com

Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter @samtrump

This episode’s theme is Sam Trump’s "Daydreaming", available on iTunes and Spotify.