About this Episode

When leading something of your own, be it a business, creative project, solo career, or volunteer group, you have to step up and take ownership. In this episode, we sit down with hip-hop artist JXL and discuss #BossLife

We explore:

+If you can do something well for something you don’t like, you can do it even better for something you do like
+If you believe in what you’ve created, it’s your right to sell it.
+Creatives need to view themselves as artrepreneurs, and not just artists
+We expect to get paid for things we don’t enjoy, but think it’s wrong to get paid for what we do enjoy
+Paying for what you value
+Louis CK’s new model of business
+We typically don’t use something if we get it for free
+Focusing on creating memories for others
+If you aren’t willing to spend money to help someone start, how can you expect them to keep going?
+Distinguishing between hobbies and businesses
+Using art as an entry point for commerce
+Overcoming the Starving Artist mentality
+Finding a balance between compassion and competition
+Managing the delegation of work
+Overcoming ego and pride
+Busting the myth that you can make it without trying
+You don’t accidentally get rich
+Getting “hater’d” out of situations because of talent
+Putting yourself on and building your own platform to get what you want
+If you don’t own the stage, the audience moves wherever the stage goes
+You own your work when you own the process
+The Hoodie Allen Growth Method
+Building a core group of people who love you, which builds a second tier who like you a lot, which builds a third tier who know who you are
+Generating feedback loops to improve your progress

Find JXL and download his new album, Document 37, at:
Twitter @JXLrap