About this Episode

The best ideas don’t just strike you out of nowhere. Most times, it’s from finding flaws that already exist in the system, and turning them into opportunities. This week, we get together with Kate Weidner and Brian Rolling, founders of the marketing agency SRW.

We explore:

+Using frustration as an inspiration point
+The biggest flaw in the advertising world
+Why we create extra work in order to impress others
+Asking, “What’s the value for the other person?” to do better work
+Asking honest questions to get honest answers
+Creating feedback loops in order to improve
+Sending mixed messages in Tinder profiles
+Short-term vs. long-term mindsets
+Setting aside time to have real, uninterrupted conversations
+The importance of deep work
+Using trust as the foundation of a relationship
+Playing to the image you create
+Protecting your integrity as you grow
+Showing the world your screwups
+Enabling the success of others by placing their needs ahead of yours
+The external forces that impact your job security
+It’s better to find out what you don’t want, than what you do want
+The company you work for is more important than the job you have
+Don’t limit yourself by your job title
+Malcolm Gladwell’s Theory of Desirable Difficulties
+Putting yourself in situations that force action
+The essence of art is that it does not want to exist, and you have to push it into existence
+A flaw is only a flaw if there’s a method to receive feedback


Malcolm Gladwell - David & Goliath: amzn.com/B00BAXFAOW

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