About this Episode

When you get rejected from medical school, meditate in silence for 10 days straight, AND have a near-death experience from a run-in with TERRORISTS, you have some pretty good insight into how to persevere. In this episode, we sit down with Rajiv’s cousin, Kavita Narayan, Director of the National Initiative for Allied Health Sciences in India.

In plain English, she directs healthcare policy reform for the country of India.

We explore:

+How rejection from medical school pushed Kavita into healthcare policy
+Destiny happens on the margins
+Overcoming Commitment Phobia
+Incorporating multiple passions into your life
+The importance of having a mentor
+Treating people you don’t know as friends instead of strangers
+Being your authentic self in everything you do
+Being okay making mistakes
+“A leader means you take responsibility”
+Making a choice to either sit on the sidelines and observe your life, or be on the field playing
+How going into a situation blind can work to your advantage
+Using spirituality to help you on your journey
+Detaching from outcomes
+“We can do nothing more for ourselves than investing in our personal learning and personal development”
+Focusing on human connection
+How to properly set goals that are in line with YOU
+Understanding the WHY behind what you want
+Our failures are what shape us
+Taking an Abundance mindset, over a Scarcity mindset
+Kavita’s personal awakening from a 10-day silent meditation retreat
+Our tendency to subconsciously create chaos so we can make ourselves the hero
+Kavita’s near-death experience of landing in the backseat of a car where the drivers were terrorists
+Understanding the perspective of others before making judgments
+Starting from a place of trust in others, instead of distrust
+The impact of just saying “hi” to a stranger
+Consciousness is the next frontier


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