About this Episode

In our Season 4 finale, we’re back with choreographer Katherine Hill to continue discussing how you evolve over time. In this episode, we revisit and expand on last week’s prompt, and learn how to constructively grow.

We explore:

+Reconciling the difference in roles between student and teachers.
+Realizing we live in our own contexts.
+Compromising with other ability levels, opinions, and worldviews.
+Understanding the humility that comes with changing your perspective.
+Sharing your “wealth” by investing your time as a mentor in your mentees. 
+Revisiting the importance of setting habits and finding balance.
+Exploring “the quantified self.”
+Commitment is directly related to passion; the more you choose to immerse yourself in an activity, the more positive gains you will see.
+Understanding that immersion is an active choice.
+Keeping your goals tied to a larger purpose and mission.
+Pivoting from one passion to another is more productive than completely starting fresh.
+Identity is fluid; evolving is a holistic process.
+Roles and titles ebb and flow.
+Be cognizant of how others introduce you, and ask yourself is this how I want to be known?
+Earning your title versus assigning it to yourself.
+Embrace a slow, consistent evolution down a singular path.

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McLovin- Superbad (2007) www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HTHPtoNJLk

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