About this Episode

Sometimes you get stretched too thin and you reach your breaking point. Whether that’s physically, socially, or mentally, we all have breaking points, and knowing how to manage them is what helps make you both successful and sane.

In this episode, we sit down with author and internet marketing specialist Jonathon Knepper, aka Dude With The Hair, and discuss how to manage breaking points.

We explore:

+The toll of taking on several things at once
+The concept of stretching your breaking points
+Creating automated systems to lighten your workload
+If your motivation to work is to be able to not work, you won’t last
+Casey Neistat’s approach to happiness
+The Sprint/Marathon mentality
+How your baselines change over time
+Understanding the process to get to the big picture aspiration
+The Residual Gains you receive as you work towards a goal
+The severity of each task you perform decreases the more you do it
+How expectations shift upward as goals are met
+The need to have one thing ramping up, while another is ramping down
+Placing an emphasis on mastery
+Framing more things as projects and experiments in order to gain knowledge
+The first iteration of anything you do will never be perfect, so it’s important to just get something out the door
+Knowing when it’s time to shut something down
+Understanding emotional breaking points
+Having a “Shit Quota” for understanding how much to put up with

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Green Lane SEO
Twitter @jonknep

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