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“WHAT AM I DOING going down this path?!”

Sometimes we get put into a position where we feel like we don't deserve to be there. Like we're imposters almost. In this episode, we talk with our friend Jeana Anderson Cohen, fitness instructor and Founder of aSweatLife, a Chicago community that gets together to sweat it out at monthly Sweatworking events.

Jeana brings some interesting viewpoints to the table, particularly how the female perspective plays into the equation.

We explore:

+How feminism impacts Imposter Syndrome for females
+The attribution of success to luck
+How situations that don’t encourage or praise you lead to imposter feelings
+The difference between asking for permission and asking for forgiveness
+Rajiv getting over Imposter Syndrome with music
+Keeping awareness of what you need to do to get ahead
+Knowing your satisfaction level, and if “just fine” or “good enough” is actually enough
+The societal meaning behind “he/she does well”
+Shutting down parts of who you are for fear of acceptance
+Identifying the structures that are right for you
+Being forced to pretend you like things when you actually don’t
+Granting yourself freedom to pursue your interests (and the emotions that come with that)
+The importance of culture in your workplace
+How being in the wrong situation affects every part of your life
+Why you shouldn’t have a Jerry Maguire moment at work
+Creating from a negative place
+Doing yourself the favor of scratching the itch you have
+The Boyfriend vs. Lover Conundrum
+Acknowledging the disconnects between your work and the way you believe your life should be lived.
+The wrong question we’re all asking: What do I want to do?
+Having a Proof Backpack
+The confidence issues when living the “Dual Life” of entrepreneurship on the side while working a day job
+Having a Word Of The Year
+The Asshole Syndrome in approaching negativity
+Using your appearance to convey the message you want

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