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There are a million things on your mind, and 500,000 of them sound interesting. So how do you just pick one thing already and get started?

In this episode we get together with our friend Levi Baer, creator of the Chicago entrepreneurship networking community Coffee & Conversation, as well as board game community Game Night Chicago, about how to choose one thing when you feel like you could do a number of things.

We explore:

+Finding work you love that can also make money
+The importance of transferable skills
+Viewing your work as outputs
+Viewing your audience as one person before trying to find many people
+Answering “Who would want this?”
+Creating work that feeds itself and grows beyond your own input
+Creating things that people want to become part of and help grow
+Why consistency is perhaps more important than creativity
+Building an archive of your work
+How to pick an idea and get started
+Breaking away from the sacrifice and trade-offs mindset in picking one thing, when you still enjoy other things
+Stopping to actually congratulate yourself for your progress
+Thinking constructively instead of destructively
+Cleaning out your mental closet
+Holding yourself back from writing everything down to find what’s really worth writing down
+Finding your Mission to Mars
+Following in the footsteps of Elon Musk and building rocketships for yourself
+The Non-profit approach of ‘what would you do if you could make possible the impossible?”
+Viewing your work as something that’s adding to the world, instead of taking from the world
+Believing that YOUR way is the BEST way in order to stay convicted
+Stepping on toes in order to get people on board with you

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