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Arguably one of the most terrifying and exciting words in the English language, it's time we talk about Goals. How do you set goals, and how do you move closer to them?

In this episode, we catch up with author John Schnettgoecke about what goes into the goal-setting process, and how we can improve our chances of hitting our goals.

We explore:

+Navigating a quarter-life crisis
+John’s motorcycle accident story that led to him writing his book
+Journaling and documenting your thoughts
+The need for hitting low points in order to force change
+Breaking the addiction to your calendar
+The Motivation Curve
+Stepping away from your routine to see the bigger picture
+John’s Umbrella Goal Strategy
+Treating your goals and aspirations as a practice, not a single event
+Writing the stupid out of your head
+Knowing the difference between your own goals, and someone else’s goals for you
+Being at a mental equilibrium in order to set the right goals
+Creating or joining environments that enable your goals
+Building a Knowledge Squad to feed your goals
+Holding yourself accountable by telling people what you’re doing, before you even start
+Asking for help
+Not everything has to be a DYI

Find John and his work at:

John’s book—Pura Vida, A Thinker’s Guide to Living: www.amazon.com/Pura-Vida-Thinker…ook/dp/B016GYR7F4

Twitter @Schnetthappens



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