About this Episode

Do you make yourself vulnerable enough? Vulnerability is a topic that some people embrace, while others brush off. It’s polarizing to say the least. But why does it matter? In this episode we sit down with entertainment journalist and author, Greg Archer, and share our experiences with vulnerability.

We explore:

+Past romantic relationships and looking back on them
+The fallacy that there is strength in silence
+Breaking down the ‘everything is perfect’ Facebook wall
+The concept of “Fake It ‘Till You Make It”
+Practices you can adopt to put serendipity in your favor
+The moment you detach from “I’m a ___” you form your identity around who you are as a person
+Understanding your pathways towards expression
+Admitting the things you’re masking
+Realizing you’re not in this alone
+The difficulty in keeping track of the lies you tell
+Being okay with your opinions and not letting judgment prevent you from having them
+The reality of ‘The Universe’ telling you the way, and the intentional breadcrumbs we ignore
+Raj realizes Martin is The Universe
+Understanding your transferable skills when you’re scared to make a change
+Entering safe environments that enable vulnerability
+Why men need to move past the “Old Boys Club” mentality
+Knowing your “7 Bucks” moment and sharing that with others
+Being okay asking for help
+Relationship phases and moving past relationship ‘titles’
+Dating your friend’s ex
+Being brutally honest with yourself
+The facade that the “I don’t care” puts up


Rajiv’s year in review blog post: RajNATION/what-i-learned-at-age-27-5e948d055d10#.qlqmtioe6">medium.com/@RajNATION/what-i-l…8d055d10#.qlqmtioe6


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