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“Even if you nail a handstand, you can still be an asshole.”

In this episode of Discover Your Inner Awesome, we visit with Robin French, the owner of Bare Feet Power Yoga, a yoga studio in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood, and the studio that Idea Lemon Cofounder/show Cohost Rajiv attends. Robin has built an amazing community around her yoga studio. We gathered at the studio and sat on yoga blocks, had the second dog run-in in this show’s history, and explored the question, “How do you build a strong community?” This episode is a must listen for any yogi.

We discuss:

+The fundamental difference between communities and cults
+Letting people be as they are
+The concept of accessibility in building communities
+Transitioning from a “what should this be?” mindset to a “what do I want?” mindset
+Being comfortable with your voice in order to build the environment you want
+Understanding what makes people comfortable
+The Rule of 1 in building communities
+Growing a community by growing from within
+Making your ‘users’ your leaders
+“Giving people a chance to get their start makes them forever loyal”
+Letting go of control in order to allow your community to thrive
+Offering help as a community leader
+How Robin views yoga as a source of connection with others
+Having your “I HAVE to share this” moment
+Removing “uniforms” from communities to foster their growth
+The importance of belonging
+How an introvert can thrive in a community
+Letting go of comparison
+Why introverts and extroverts need each other
+Embracing differences
+How to foster the growth of a community
+Understanding your basics and foundations
+Finding people with shared interests to grow your interests
+Why we need to stop making fun of Crossfit

Find Robin and Bare Feet Power Yoga at www.barefeetpoweryoga.com
Instagram @barefeetpoweryoga

1006 W Monroe
Chicago, IL

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