About this Episode

What are the realities of running a business? In this episode we sit down with Waveborn CEO Mike Malloy and talk about the things you don’t see on Facebook and in public--the struggles. Even when your spokesperson is NFL Hall of Famer Troy Aikman (as is Waveborn’s case), the struggle is real.

We dive into some real talk and shoot from the hip about where our respective businesses stand.

+Being cautious with your ideas and validating them first
+How our roles change once we get started on something
+Mismanaging expectations
+Getting down in the trenches of your business
+The realities of the “I get to do whatever I want” entrepreneur perception
+Embracing a survivalist mindset
+What it’s like to not have money in a bank account for 56 days
+The personal attachment you form to your business as an entrepreneur
+Compartmentalizing “like” tasks to get more done
+The difficulty in knowing if you’re making progress when you’re on your own
+The biggest things each of us are struggling with right now
+The stories you tell yourself versus the reality of what’s happening
+The mental anguish that results from the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship
+Rapper Drake’s “Started From The Bottom” mindset and knowing your zero point
+Having literally zero money
+Finding a way to smile through bad times
+Having to go through your ego being damaged when you don’t have great answers to certain questions
+Dating while broke
+Holding yourself and others accountable by being honest while exchanging pleasantries
+Mike’s 5x7 rule in meeting new people
+Stacking your skills in the right way to achieve maximum results

Find Mike and Waveborn at:
Twitter and Instagram @Waveborn
Twitter and Instagram @MWMalloy




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