About this Episode

“You have to love the journey, because you might not ever make it to the goal”

In this episode of Discover Your Inner Awesome, we sit down with Adrian Granzella Larssen, Editor-in-Chief of career advice website The Muse. In our discussion, we go into the depths of decision-making, and the differences between doing things because we really want to, versus because we want to gain approval.

We explore:

+How our brains crave validation and approval
+Understanding your comfort zone
+How we involuntarily feel a need to validate other people during conversation
+What Zumba class tells us about our social behavior
+How to admit you don’t know something
+Busting the myth of feeling like you have to have it all figured out
+How to become comfortable with asking for help
+How to become comfortable with delegating work
+The 70% rule in delegating work
+Our default mindset is often a distrust of others, which blocks our ability to be honest with ourselves
+Being honest with yourself about wanting THE job versus A job
+Why companies need to keep employees happy
+The Law School/Graduate Degree trap
+Incorporating your passions into your work by finding a job that orbits your interests
+Adrian’s decision to ‘take a leap’ and join The Muse
+Thinking about “WHO” you want to be instead of “WHAT” you want to be
+The story of Rajiv’s cousin in India who had to pivot quickly when she found she couldn’t be a doctor
+How Martin almost traveled the world for a year, but listened to what he really wanted and decided not to go
+The story of rapper Hoodie Allen’s refusal to settle
+How Adrian’s brother gave up on his dream of being an astronaut, and why that was a good thing
+Loving your journey, regardless of the goal
+Understanding outcomes versus processes
+The importance of listening to yourself
+Rajiv’s coin flip strategy

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Seinfeld - The Boyfriend: www.youtube.com/watch?v=_T35QhLx_KI

Hoodie Allen - You’re Welcome

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