About this Episode

Working through New Year’s Eve. Not watching the Super Bowl. Missing birthdays and weddings.

When you set out to really do what you love, you don’t take into account the amount of effort it takes, and the sacrifices that come with it. We give you the perfect capstone episode in our Season 3 finale, getting together with comedian and educator Esteban Gast, to discuss the true costs of doing what you love.

Esteban says he resides at the intersection of silly and serious, and this episode was definitely at the heart of that intersection.

We explore:

+Dealing with so many things happening at once
+Debunking the myth of a location independent lifestyle
+The reality of the narrative we envision for ourselves
+Why masters of their craft constantly reinvest in their craft
+The tradeoffs Jay-Z made to fulfill more of his dream
+Why the media doesn’t cover the struggles as much as the successes
+There is always something happening in the background that you don’t see
+How society demands immediate results, and thinks you’re doing something wrong without immediate results
+The shift in priorities that results from having a deep focus on what you love
+The value you place on time as you dive deeper into purposeful work
+Why you have to be around other hustlers to make sure you hustle harder
+Randi Zuckerberg’s breakdown on The Art of Not Having It All
+The career path that everyone is ignoring
+Sacrificing certain creative freedoms in order to have a larger impact
+The barriers we put up for ourselves
+The importance of not committing to an exact vision, because it will never be what you expect it to be
+The Abundance vs Scarcity Mindset
+It’s less about exactly what you’re working on, and more about putting yourself around people who think like you
+You don’t love every second of doing what you love
+How relationships change as you do more of what you love
+The truth behind doing whatever you want, whenever you want
+Comedian BJ Novak’s formula for success
+How you become a missing person when you do what you love
+Why we still work even when we’ve made a lot of money
+Do not buy into the narrative that something else will be easier

Find Esteban and his work at:


Esteban’s TED Talk: www.estebangast.com/#!media/cye6

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