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You plan for months for something. You imagine all the possible ways things could go wrong. Your friends tell you not to worry about a thing, it’s all in your head. And then the absolute worst happens.

In this episode we talk with Jenny Arrington, an alumni of the Discover Your Inner Awesome Master Class, and founder of Karma Trik, just days after alaunch party for her Indiegogo campaign that, in her eyes, went horribly wrong.

We explore:

+The embarrassment that comes with things going wrong
+The 3 am bawling on the floor moment
+Why we ignore our intuition when we’re not sure of the end result
+The doubt that creeps in when things go wrong
+The importance of necessary failures
+The true definition of ambition
+Building up the capacity to do work no matter what
+Being emotional when things go wrong means you care
+The difference between contentment and complacency
+Why it’s important to recognize small wins
+Setting rewards and consequences for yourself
+The emptiness of hearing “Good job”
+How we seek validation in different ways
+The Indian parent mindset on hard work
+Setting up systems for consistent feedback
+Celebrating failures
+Taking breaks from your work to be more present
+The “Shine The Light Under The Bed” Strategy for confronting fears
+Releasing thoughts before they make you feel or act a certain way
+We tell ourselves a worse story than what’s actually happening
+Allowing yourself to feel emotions as you are feeling them
+Acknowledging where a feeling hits you in your body
+Focusing on the positives

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