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We all have that liiiiiiiiiittle voice in our head that tells us we're not smart enough, confident enough, cool enough, and flat out not enough. That voice holds us back and convinces us to not try new things. But what if we could prove that voice wrong? In this episode we sit down with someone who acts as the opposing voice--the one that helps you prove it wrong--for a living, The Professional Wingman, Thomas Edwards.

Our conversation goes into some amazing (relevant) tangents including comic books, video games, and WWE. We explore:

+The voice in our head that creates excuses
+The difference between perception and reality
+The “What’s The Little Man Telling You?” Strategy
+Giving yourself permission, and having someone outside who can give you permission
+Why saying “Excuse me” sells yourself short
+The role body language plays in communication
+The self-destructive nature of The Belief Cycle
+Reactive vs. Proactive communication
+Giving yourself data points and bases for comparison
+Treating your progress like a video game
+Rating different aspects of your life for an unapologetic assessment
+Starting small in order to create big changes
+Choosing your own fun, and not what other people think is fun
+Why it’s okay to play video games in your 30s
+Yes, you can stay home on a Friday night
+Leaning into your weird
+Fighting FOMO
+Knowing when you have to play babyface (good guy) versus heel (bad guy)
+Creating systems out of things that are weird
+Pursuing the weird so that you have more things to talk about
+Saying what you want to say, instead of what you think people expect you to say
+What confidence is all about: transparency and vulnerability
+Releasing your transparency in waves
+How we can use video games to develop social skills

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