About this Episode

Having trouble staying focused? Feel like you lack willpower?

Sir John Hargrave, CEO of Mediashower and author of Mindhacking, is a recovering alcoholic who has been on the deepest end of the willpower spectrum, and he’s the latest guest on the Discover Your Inner Awesome podcast. To battle his addiction, he had to train his brain to think differently.

We explore the ins and outs of how our thoughts influence our behavior, and the hacks and tricks we can employ to be more purposeful, mindful, and powerful.

In this episode you’ll learn:

+The difference between working to be busy and working to be efficient
+Moving towards knowledgework
+Identifying the top 3 things of your day
+Removing temptations from your environment
+The multi-tasking myth (are you reading this while listening to someone else talk??)
+Breathing exercises to calm yourself
+The importance of having an impetus to get started on a new habit
+Gamifying your habits to improve your willpower
+Shifting from “I HAVE to” to “I GET to”
+John’s tips for removing distractions from your life
+Thinking of yourself as the Director of your life’s movie
+A scientist’s experiment placing senior citizens in an environment that reminded them of their 20s
+The neuroplasticity of our brain, and how that allows you to change what happens to you
+How the way we treat blind people actually makes them more blind
+Placing positive distractions in your way to encourage good habits
+Giving yourself the right rewards to strengthen your willpower
+Decision fatigue and its effect on your judgment
+Identifying your ONE THING that hinders or helps your success
+The Seinfeld philosophy of how sex makes us stupid
+Creating the path of least resistance
+Choice Theory and how it impacts your decision-making
+Collaborating with like-minded people to achieve a goal


Peter Drucker’s The Effective Executive: www.amazon.com/dp/B000FC11JW

Sir John’s book Mindhacking will be available in bookstores in January 2016, but you can download a free digital copy at www.mindhacki.ng now!

Find Sir John online at
@SirJohnHargrave on twitter

Learn more about Idea Lemon at www.idealemon.com


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Seinfeld - The Abstinence: www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfbweoXX4wI

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