About this Episode

Just after recording this episode, Idea Lemon cofounder Martin McGovern had all of his things stolen.

How fitting then that our last podcast out of LA just before the great robbery was with Srinivas Rao, founder of Unmistakable Creative and host of the popular Unmistakable Creative podcast, where we talked about how to roll with the punches.

Given how chill Martin was about the whole thing, I think he picked up a lot of valuable information he was able to put into practice immediately, and you will too.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

+The story of how Unmistakeable Creative came to be
+Approaching things with a ‘is this unmistakeable?’ mindset
+The importance of having a bias towards action
+Being okay without having a plan
+How Srini’s life as a surfer preps him for life as an entrepreneur
+How your “normal” adjusts as you get into a groove
+Leveling up in life
+How most things that scare you are like losing your virginity
+Why entrepreneurship is addictive
+The “One More Wave” mentality
+Once you gain momentum, your accomplishments become less important to you
+How sometimes you need to be arrogant
+The difference between thinking and doing
+Why we format our podcast the way we do

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