About this Episode

Building up mental tenacity is something that can be tough in our working lives. Sometimes, it’s hard to know when we’re doing the right thing, and if we’re headed in the right direction.

While in Los Angeles, we sat down with Jennifer Kushell, founder of YSN, and had an AMAZING conversation around knowing how to stay tenacious.

Jen invited us to her lovely home and let us play with her Masai Warrior Spears from Morocco.

After spearing around, we got into the down and dirty of building your backbone.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

+How routines impact your ability to stay focused
+Why advice and opinions aren’t always a good thing
+The importance of deciding what you want versus what others want
+Appreciating where you are
+Taking a yoga mindset to more aspects of life
+Comparing yourself to yourself
+Working smart versus working hard
+Pacing yourself and being resourceful
+Finding your ideal work environment
+The story of our friend who applied to 230 jobs before getting a call back
+Leaving room for the good stuff that happens in the margins
+Taking a more creative approach to keep things interesting
+Building a body of work to where the work speaks for itself
+Breaking away from templates and scripts in communication
+Being thoughtful about what you put online
+The 100 words of every industry
+The 3 types of people who attend networking events
+Seeking experiences to keep motivated

Find Jennifer and YSN at
Twitter @YSNJen
Instagram @JenKushell

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