About this Episode

Cypress Hill put it best in "Rock/Rap Superstar" when they said, "It's a fun job, but it's still a job."

We spend a lot of time pursuing our passions, but sometimes you can burn out on your passion. So how do you reclaim the fire? We sat down with champion downhill longboarder Marisa Nunez at her home in Portland and explored how to stay passionate about your passions.


In this episode you'll learn:

+Overcoming being the only female in a male-dominated environment
+Pursuing something even if you’re not ‘born with it’
+Having an addiction mindset for the things you love
+How the story you tell yourself influences your behavior
+Planting seeds to grow your passion
+What to do when your passion feels like work
+How Tony Hawk expanded from a skateboarder to a building a skateboard empire
+Keeping things interesting by living in the moment
+Why thinking you have to go pro in your passion is the wrong approach
+Why Charles Barkley is much happier retired than Michael Jordan
+Deciphering between what keeps you busy and what keeps you happy
+The sweeping misperception of a “real job”
+The moment when you’re winning at life
+Being okay with unexpected outcomes
+Treating your passion more like a job to take it seriously
+Choosing themes instead of goals
+Taking a reverse approach to finding exactly what you want to do
+Intentionally putting yourself in environments that force your passion out
+Developing ‘tunnel vision’ when you’re in a flow state
+Channeling nervous energy into empowering energy
+Owning that more people are on your side than you think

Find Marisa Nunez at
instagram @cocomarii

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