About this Episode

Unexpected things happen all the time. Maybe you get laid off. Maybe your partner breaks up with you. Maybe you have to pack up and move away from everyone you know.

How you choose to view them changes everything though.

In our second podcast out of Portland, we talked with Sean Ogle, founder of Location Rebel about the unexpected. Sean couldn't have been more perfect for this conversation. In 2009, he unknowingly resigned from his job (talk about unexpected). This led to him building Location Rebel, moving to Thailand for an extended period, and setting out on a quest to play the top 100 golf courses in the world.

You'll also learn:

+Finding a good travel buddy to have the experiences you want to have
+How to deal with getting laid off when you least expect it
+Identifying what you have to fall back on when thing’s don't go as planned
+How to comfortably quit your job
+Taking an abundance versus a limited mindset
+The 3 stages of uncertainty
+Identifying the things that bring you happiness
+Forcing yourself to do something by talking about it more
+Advancing yourself beyond being a pretender to a doer
+Making yourself worthy of being helped by other people
+Valuing your own time, and the importance of being called out on your BS
+Breaking past the veil of forced and fake pleasantries
+Planning for the now instead of planning for an uncertain future
+How to move forward without a backup plan
+Sean’s advice for knowing the exact right time to leave your job
+Trusting yourself to make tough decisions
+Forcing yourself into sink or swim scenarios to reveal your best qualities
+Identifying your transferable skills to lessen negative impact, and constant positive impact


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