About this Episode

In Season 2 of Discover Your Inner Awesome we take the show on an epic 6 week road trip starting in Chicago, through the Northwest U.S., down the west coast, head east to New Orleans, and make our way back up to Chicago. Our Seattle stop included a conversation with Steve Kane, creator of @StrictlyGoodEnergy, and product marketer at Microsoft. We talked about knowing when to go full speed ahead versus when to ease up in chasing your ambitions.

In this episode you'll learn:

-Why listening to your inner voice matters
-Finding a personal equilibrium
-The difference between traditional entrepreneurship and lifestyle entrepreneurship
-How your purpose impacts your decision-making
-How everything can be changed
-Building a core lifestyle foundation and building around that
-Why we're so hard on ourselves
-Keeping a short memory
-How to let go of the little things

Follow Steve Kane's work at @strictlygoodenergy on instagram, and read his previous work at www.strictlygoodenergy.com

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