About this Episode

After 46 days on the road and 12 locales, our epic road trip finally comes to a close. What a journey it’s been. From making amazing new friends, to tasting local cuisines, to starting dance parties, to podcasting with people we are grateful to now call friends, there is so much we’ve learned. In this episode, the season 2 finale of Discover Your Inner Awesome, we capture as much of it as we can, hence why this ended up a 2-hour long episode.

You’ll learn:

+The difference in work habits and approaches to work in different regions of the country
+Finding your ‘pockets of interest’ wherever you are
+Figuring out if your potential is capped by your location
+Embracing the things you actually like
+Giving yourself a break when you feel you need it
+Going from being a spectator to being the one who people spectate
+Finding focus in your interests
+You don’t have to do everything from scratch
+Breaking away from a starving artist mentality
+How money validates that your idea has worth
+How new technologies enable more people to fail, and fail longer
+Just because it doesn’t make you money, doesn’t mean it’s not part of your career
+The most successful aren’t the best, they just kept doing it
+Getting started gives you a baseline and benchmark to work off of
+Acknowledging your default activities and doing more of your defaults
+How we tend to devalue our own work when showing it to others if we feel it’s not perfect
+Letting your emotions go in order to move on to the next thing
+How to get started when you feel like you have so many ideas and don’t know where to get started
+Taking on a “don’t think, just do” mentality
+How Tony Hawk was able to go all in on one thing and still explore everything
+Making yourself necessary all the time
+Moving past limiting your own creativity
+Everyone has a “something” they can do quickly and do great
+Leveling up in your skill set and interests
+Granting yourself access to a seat at the table you want to sit at
+Taking a good hard look at what you did wrong and using that to improve in the future
+Finding and embracing the things you do that get people excited
+How to get people to feed your creative engine
+It’s not as hard to make new friends after college as most people think
+Becoming the catalyst for creativity
+How to get people to gravitate towards you
+Leaning into excellence by being around people who elevate you

Thank you to everyone we met along the way who made this a memorable experience. We'll be back soon with season 3.

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