About this Episode

Back when we spent time in Belize as part of an Under30Experiences vacation, we noticed several people call out that they wished they had the life of the company founder Matt, and trip leader/adventure photographer Courtney Slade. It’s something we found interesting because the life of the nomad is something that’s often glamorized but rarely analyzed.

As we’ve been on this road trip, we’ve encountered several instances where people ask what we did during the day and our answer is, “we worked,” much to their surprise and confusion.

Being a nomad is definitely an amazing thing, but to know if it’s right for you it’s important to understand everything that goes into it.

As we get closer to closing out our road trip, we were able to catch Courtney at her home in Austin, Texas while she was on break from leading Under30Experiences trips for 9 straight months. We explored nearly every detail of life as a nomad and explored the question, “What’s the best approach to a nomadic life?”. We covered the highs, the lows, the parts where you have to pinch yourself, and the parts where you just need to let out a good cry.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s truly like to live a nomadic life, listen to this episode.

You’ll learn:

+Dealing with the ‘real world’ things while traveling
+Realizing the things that are truly important
+Finding ways to cut out the noise
+How routines are crucial to living nomadically
+The effects changing time zones and climates on a regular basis has on your body and psyche
+The benefits and drawbacks of overpreparing and underpreparing
+Why we need comfort even when we break our comfort zone
+Why it’s necessary to be okay with the unexpected while traveling
+Whittling down to the essentials
+The smell of your laundry can sometimes tell you where you’ve been
+Thriving off of not knowing what each day brings
+How to let go of the little things
+How travel makes you find new solutions
+Taking an “I’ll be back” mindset to be more relaxed as you travel
+Living for the “in betweens” of your journey
+Being a solo flyer versus a social flyer
+The difference between good movies, and “airplane good” movies
+How you sometimes crave alone time when traveling
+Finding the activities that help you recharge and recenter
+Listening to your mind and body to become more in tune with yourself
+The culture shock you can experience when you take a break from being a nomad
+The beautiful moments you experience where you have to pinch yourself
+Traveling through the eyes of a photographer

Find Courtney online at
@sladesstory on Instagram

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