About this Episode

Are you living the dream? Yes? No? Sometimes?

We hear that phrase thrown around a lot, especially on this road trip as we talk to people about how we’re traveling the country, many say, “wow you guys are really living the dream huh?” (or in Austin it’s, “y’all are really living the dream huh?”).

At the same time, ‘living the dream’ often gets mentioned during water cooler talk.

“Haven’t seen you in a while, how’s it going?”

“I’ve been busy…ya know, just living the dream…”

So what the hell is living the dream?

In our first of two podcasts from Austin, we sat down with Lindsay Tomson to tackle this question. Lindsay works in People Operations at Google, a company many consider a dream company. According to her Linkedin profile, she’s also interested in becoming a professional quesadilla eater and top secret spy.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

+The correlation between money and happiness
+The truth behind many ‘creative’ industries
+Taking a different approach to your relationship with time
+The reality behind many company perks
+How what we dreamed of as kids doesn’t typically align with what happens now
+How we’re typically taught to stay away from the non-traditional career paths
+How expectations dictate our actions and warp our ability to be satisfied
+Distinguishing between the things you really want, versus the things you’re told to want
+What happens when you go the ‘safe route’
+Staying persistent to get the things you want
+The struggle of feeling validated
+What many colleges say they want students to strive for, versus what they actually promote
+Embracing unexpected outcomes
+Understanding your extraordinary abilities
+Finding creative ways to inject the things you love into your non-career related activities
+Using your free time as your opportunity to live your dream
+Taking time to think about what another person’s dream might actually be
+You have to pay your dues in order to build your dream life
+How dreams change, and how to manage that change
+The people around you ultimately shape your own reality
+Removing yourself from a ‘victim’ mindset

Find Lindsay
@lindsleazy on Instagram

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