About this Episode

The thing about rejection is it too often prevents us from ever even trying. It’s fear’s best friend.

In our newest podcast episode we talked with Jordan Harbinger, founder and CEO of The Art of Charm, a social skills platform for men, about how to handle rejection. Jordan’s a master at this topic.

We were supposed to meet up with Jordan while in San Francisco, but ended up having to reschedule over Skype instead. If you listen closely during the episode you’ll find out why that happened.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

+The myth of relishing “no”
+How the abundance mindset carries over to rejection
+How to embrace the idea that rejection will happen to help overcome the sting of it
+The downside of rejection therapy
+Martin’s story of getting shut down on the dance floor in Spain
+Stacking the deck in your favor by taking more chances
+Treating fear like a muscle
+What predefined rules have to do with figuring out how to take action
+How some successful people struggle with having to reject others
+Why control and success are closely related
+Why we fight to gain acceptance
+How our ego rationalizes unexpected outcomes
+How we unknowingly place our own consequences on our decisions
+Being focused versus drinking from the firehouse to reduce your number of rejections
+Finding small testing grounds to validate your ideas
+What happens when having a one-track mind doesn’t end how you’ve expected
+The crucial mistakes many early entrepreneurs make
+The ‘safe zones’ we create for ourselves to protect our vision, and the problem with doing so
+The people who post Facebook statuses all day probably aren’t taking any action
+Moving past the “research” phase into the “action” phase
+Understanding the little pictures that make up the big picture
+How to catch yourself from intentionally avoiding the hard work

Find Jordan online at
@theartofcharm on twitter

link to Art of Charm podcast: itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/art-c…id212382281?mt=2


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