About this Episode

In Season 2 of Discover Your Inner Awesome we take the show on an epic 6 week road trip starting in Chicago, through the Northwest U.S., down the west coast, head east to New Orleans, and make our way back up to Chicago. Our Denver stop included sitting down with Adam Griffin, founder of the fitness company Bodeefit, author of The Guy At The Bar, and Under30Experiences community member. We talked about how to shape your reality.

In this episode you’ll learn:

-The affects of positive and negative energy on your surroundings
-The Stoicism mindset
-Hitting your bottom in order to make serious changes
-How to form habit routines that allow you to control your environment
-The importance of choosing where you live carefully when shaping your lifestyle
-To put your lifestyle first, and fit everything else in where you can
-To seek out the true stories behind different life-paths that you can choose from
-The real meaning of passion when it comes to your work and your lifestyle
-The difference between acting a lifestyle and living a lifestyle
-How loss puts your life into perspective
-What would change in how you live your life if you knew you would live 700 years?
-That our lives are lived between our ears

Find adam on twitter @ideasdontwork
Adam's book: www.amazon.com/The-Guy-At-Bar-little/dp/0692403825

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