Season 10 | Episode 9

How Do You Build A Culture Of Innovation? +Monica Kang




About this Episode

Okay, you founded a company. Are you an innovator? Is your company innovative? Many of us think because we're in the 'startup ecosystem' we're practicing innovation by default. Monica Kang has a different viewpoint. She's the Founder of Innovators Box, an innovation consultancy, and author of the book "Rethink Creativity". As a first-generation American, she's been practicing innovation before she even realized it, having to learn two cultures at the same time. She's worked at the U.S. Department of State, and even the NSA as a --wait for it -- Nuclear Nonproliferation Strategist. In our conversation we dive into building innovative practices you can put into place today, so that, as your company grows and you hire employees, your company culture is one of innovation.


Find Monica online:

Twitter @monicahkang @innovatorsbox

IG @hi.mhk @innovatorsbox



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