Season 10 | Episode 8

How Do You Grow from 1 --> X? +Alida Miranda-Wolff




About this Episode

There's getting off the ground to try to just get to 1, but we all know that 1 is not enough. A true startup looks at growing from 1 to 100, to 1000, to 1 million, all the way to X. That's what we call scale. But how come when we look at scale, we only ever focus on product, sales, and the market? Alida Miranda-Wolff is on a mission to change the conversation around growth and scale. Her company, Ethos, helps growth-stage startups achieve scale through its PEOPLE. How do you scale as leaders, as teams, and culturally how do you use that to scale your organization? She joins me on the show today to discuss how to grow the teams that fuel rocket ship companies. What I find so fascinating about this episode is the wealth of knowledge Alida has around philosophy, human interactions, and how that influences her work at Ethos. Bring a notebook for this one!


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