Season 10 | Episode 5

How Do You Turn Customers Into Community Members? +Matt Wilson




About this Episode

Matt Wilson Cofounded Under30Experiences on the basic premise that young adults should get out and see more of the world. In 5 years, U30X has grown substantially, most recently making the Inc. 5000, and being awarded the #1 Fastest Growing Travel Company. I've personally traveled on 3 different U30X trips, and as I've sat back and observed their growth, I am constantly amazed at how well they have built a COMMUNITY around travel. Matt joins today from his home in Costa Rica, returning to the show for a 3rd time (he was the first ever guest of this podcast in 2015), and in this conversation he pulls back the curtain and shares tips on how Under30Experiences has achieved such explosive growth with zero outside investment, on the backs of their customers, who they truly view as community members. By complete accident, this caps off a run of 3 straight episodes all about customers.


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