Season 10 | Episode 11

How Do You Build A Brand That Challenges Norms

+Erin & Leif Frey




About this Episode

How different is your brand? No, really different? Without using the words 'disruptive', 'innovative', or 'game-changing' how are you truly challenging the incumbents in your industry and breaking norms? Erin & Leif Frey cofounded FREY--a clothing care line that I believe actually is game-changing. And they don't use a single buzzword to break the norms of their industry. Through branding, messaging, and a unique business model, the Brothers Frey are taking on a massive industry, going up against the P&G's of the world. In this episode, we have an incredible conversation around the strategic decisions these Y-Combinator graduates have made that I believe put them in position to actually disrupt the industry. Oh and, after we recorded this they sent me a sample kit. All I have to say is it felt like I was unboxing a BMW, and after I did my laundry it smelled so good that all I wanted to do was roll around in my clothes. Check out our story this week on Instagram @startuphypeman for videos of the unboxing.


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