Season 10 | Episode 10

How Do You Build Large-Scale Partnerships +Allison Lee




About this Episode

I've long held the belief that one of the best ways to gain access to potential customers is to find and leverage access points--hubs that give you access to many customers at one time. Some people call this channel marketing, I call these hubs "Superconnectors", but whatever you call it the point is these are partnerships. Allison Lee is CEO and Cofounder of Hemster. Before founding Hemster she was the Director of Monetization at IoT startup Peel, where she grew company revenue from $20K to $10M in less than 18 months. Hemster began when Allison saw a unique and efficient tool to understand consumers personalized fit when it came to tailoring and was inspired to start her own company. She wanted to create a holistic tailoring solution that allows shoppers to accomplish the perfect fit anywhere, while revamping a dying and outdated industry. Hemster's early success is due in large part to building large-scale partnerships, and in this episode she shares their strategy.


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