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“What qualifies you to do this?”

This week, we sit down with Chelsea Castner, who is reporting from the Gen Y frontline! She is also the founder of Just Ask Y, a strategic consulting company focused on helping brands better communicate and connect with members of Generation Y. We dive deep into the voice in our head that doubts our qualifications as we seek to prove ourselves in our careers.


Chelsea Castner

Additional topics include:

+ Squelching the worlds biggest hater...our own mind!
+ You’re never given things that you’re not qualified to handle
+ Qualified is a synonym for confidence
+ What separates the qualified from the unqualified?
+ What Catch Me If You Can teaches us about qualifications
+ The role of swagger
+ The importance of trust, honesty and authenticity
+ Knowing that everyone is an “expert” in something (RLCJ...aka. Raj Loves Cool-J)
+ Sometimes we do fake it, and that’s ok
+ Results vs. Credentials & the Bullshit meter!
+ You probably should lie about knowing it. People like being in the know
+ Everyone has their own platform and audience
+ The importance of finding the teacher that speaks to you
+ Different types of credentials - school vs. who you worked for/with
+ Credentials get your foot in the door, but it doesn’t keep you around
+ Expectations vs. reality after giving a TEDtalk
+ Beyonce only has 24 hours in the day too!
+ Middle school memories
+ Go after the things that scare you to expand and grow like James Franco!
+ Fuck the haters
+ Once again we obsess over Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
+ How important it is to stick with and follow through on the things you say
+ Teach what you need to learn, or have already learned!
+ If I know more than you, I can teach you
+ Beware of scams!
+ The power of reinventing yourself
+ Stick with what you feel comfortable and confident in doing and stay authentic
+ How relatability plays into qualifications
+ The role of intent in our self perception
+ Each day get a little more qualified & enjoy the journey
+ Small steps are just as important as the big ones. Don’t be so judgmental of the process

Keep an ear out for the next episode of Discover Your Inner Awesome as we continue to take on life's important questions in order to help multi-passionate people understand themselves and their presence in the world.

Show Links:

Just Ask Y - www.justasky.com/


Catch Me If You Can - www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5j1wWY-qus


Ramit Sethi’s How I Will Teach You To Be Rich - www.iwillteachyoutoberich.com/


Earl Sweatshirt Faucet - www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCqbOp9-hd8


Chris Leamy Summertime - itunes.apple.com/us/album/summert…8749?i=947688753

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