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“What makes a great leader?”

This week, we sit down with Raj’s DePaul Entrepreneurship professor, Dr. Patrick Murphy, who wrote the book, Mutiny and It’s Bounty, which explores leadership lessons from the age of discovery.


Dr. Patrick Murphy

Additional topics include:

+ Focusing on the day to day and finding a job that doesn’t feel like work
+ People who are fake/phoney due to a lack of credentials
+ The choice between pursuing entrepreneurship and teaching entrepreneurship
+ Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you can teach it
+ Successful entrepreneurs become the world experts in the bias of their business
+ How entrepreneurship is like a relationship, and the subjectivity of each
+ It is always easier to fix other people’s problems than their own
+ Themes in the world views of entrepreneurship students
+ Being able to separate yourself from the idea as it evolves and changes
+ Are entrepreneurs leaders, or architects? 
+ The difference between leadership and mentorship
+ Balancing leadership against mutiny, or rebellion
+ Trust and distrust in the world of leadership
+ Leadership extremes. Nice, but ineffective. Effective, but an asshole.
+ The building blocks of charismatic leadership
+ Who led the Chicago Bulls, Jordan or Jackson?
+ The impact of culture on the ability to lead
+ Need for harmony and keeping connected to the organization
+ How mutiny and talking behind each other’s backs is the same today as it was on the ships
+ Raj’s obsession with wrestling and CM Punk’s speech
+ What gives people power to lead a mutiny
+ Preaching vs. teaching
+ Sports hype and how bias plays into social interactions and arguments
+ Good leaders knowing their limits
+ How to suffer fools gladly
+ How to start building your following by knowing who you are first

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Show Links:

Dr. Patrick Murphy’s Book - Mutiny and It’s Bounty www.amazon.com/Mutiny-Its-Bounty…ery/dp/0300170289


Frasier & Niles bickering - www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekTxI4hReE4


CM Punk’s WWE speech - www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mguNZpCqi8


Chris Leamy Summertime - itunes.apple.com/us/album/summert…8749?i=947688753